Friday, March 28, 2014

First Flight - Triptych

Upon completion of this triptych I renamed it "First Flight". 20"X48" $2700

This piece underwent a great metamorphosis from an abstract sketch of entwined circles to birds and lilies. Now it tells the story of a baby bird reluctant to leave the nest while the parents try to encourage flight by conjuring the wind. The leaves and flowers begin to swirl and rise as the baby begins to feel confident enough to fly.

The photographer who captures images of my art for giclee prints digitally added a black frame around each panel, which I really like. It gives the effect of backlighting and gives it the look of a stained glass window. Although this is how prints will appear, the original is simply 3 separate panels with no black border. Prints may be purchased through my website linked above. Please feel free to contact me if interested in purchasing any originals.