Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prickly Pear Bloom - Triptych

I have updated this photo based on my most recent work. The center of the bloom still needs to be added, and then I can paint the edges of the boards to finish it. I will continue to post my progress.

I really like the complexity of diptychs and triptychs, and I have wanted to create an assymetrical one. Cactus blooms have also intrigued me, so I blended the two ideas for this piece. This is not a commissioned piece, but just something I wanted to do.


ojulius said...

I love the bright red prickly pear fruit in the foothills. I learned some new words today too, thanks to your blog post. :)

Claudia Goodell said...

I love them too. They are all over the mesa north of Tramway going down toward the casino. It is hidden beauty! I am updating this photo based on what I did today. It's coming along nicely, and I am really enjoying capturing the harshness of the cactus balanced with the softness of the bloom.