Monday, February 1, 2010

Reflecting On Old Times

A new subject for me, a new surface, and a different way to get the job done. This was a one-session painting, so started and finished today. Although I typically paint on canvas, artists' panel, or vinyl records, this was done on a panel which required a primer before painting. I covered the surface with gesso, and commenced to painting. The straight, thin lines that accent the car window were a great challenge to me, and I didn't take the time to tape anything off. This added the element of freehand detail. I love the original composition and color palette of the reference photo called "Firedome Chrome" taken by Murray Bloom, and I thank him graciously for his permission to use it for this painting. I took the liberty to add a wide border around the image, which in the end gave the effect of peering at the old car through a wooden window. 11" x 14" Oil on wood panel $99

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