Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Calla Lilli

24" x 48" Oil on canvas

Now this is complete. How do I know? Because I signed it. I decided a long time ago that once a piece is signed it is officially finished. Actually I did a little detail work on the center, and a few other small areas, and then I signed it.

An interesting thing happened at the art museum. I saw a piece by Arthur Dove titled Naples Yellow Morning. Beside it was the curator's description of it, and a little tidbit. It said that he often included the color Naples Yellow because it caused whatever was painted with it to recede into the background. Eureka! I had been struggling to create depth in the center of my flower, and I felt the yellow was not standing out from its background, but was instead looking flat with it. I had used Naples Yellow. Now I know two things: Why I was drawn so strongly to the museum that day, and when NOT to use Naples Yellow!

You can see a larger version and photos of the details at my EBSQ website - Once there just click on the portfolio tab.

This piece was created with love for my sister Darlene, and was based on a reference photograph by Jan Prchal.

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