Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Waving Goodnight to the Sun

10" x 10" oil on wood panel $150

This was an experiment in both palette knife and color, on a wood panel I had used twice and wiped/sanded leaving a nice ochre underpainting.

The image was spontaneous, and unplanned. Inspired by the tranquility of sunsets, and a love for the ocean, but living in a land-locked area near the foothills of the Sandia Mountains, I envision it to depict a place that could incorporate all three.

The water in the forground was done with my favorite palette knife, using Phthalo Turquoise, Peppermint Green, and Soft Mixing White. The mountains in the mid-ground were also done with the pallete knife, but with Phthalo Turquoise, Cadmium Lemon, and Alizarin Crimson. The sunset was created with a large bristle brush and Cadmium Lemon, and Alizarin Crimson.

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