Wednesday, December 22, 2010


36" X 48" oil on canvas

Abstract art has never been a comfortable genre for me, but I occasionally attempt to create a painting that is not based in reality, using shapes and colors from my head. In this case the idea of this particular composition came to me as a form of coping with my reality of dealing with a chronic illness, it's limitations and pain.

From the concept that all conditioned things are arising and passing away, the shapes in the center represent conditional things which exist in my life, and how they become smaller as they rise, until at some point off the canvas they no longer exist. The verticle line on the right is any constant, possibly universal inergy, and the frame around it all suggests my "self". But you can see that at the top, at the higher level, the conditioned things begin to escape the framework of "self".

The piece needs some refining, and I don't know if I will keep it or paint over it. Maybe it will arise and pass on...

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Claudia Goodell said...

I painted over this! LOL