Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Transitional Journey

Last September I embarked on a new art journey when I was introduced to a local artist and master painter from Mexico, Ricardo Chavez-Mendez. One fall evening after my haircut, my hairstylist walked me over to Oro Fine Art Gallery in the Albuquerque Downtown Gallaria to show me Ricardo's art. 

The energy of the art was overwhelming to me, and as I crossed the threshold of the door I felt a wave flow through my body that stopped me in my tracks.  As I looked at the brightly colored pieces featuring various subjects I saw highly skilled art done in a style I had never before seen.  From dolphins to frogs to "African Spirits" and "On Sacred Ground" series, all are presented in a magnificent swirling, continuously curving style with colors resonating off the canvas.  Meeting and talking to Ricardo is a treat.  He is filled with joyful stories about his art, and as if the splendor of seeing the images, colors, and shapes isn't enough, the art is appreciated on a much higher level when Ricardo shares his inspirations and secrets about his paintings. 

Sometimes referred to as the "Dali of the Desert", Ricardo's history in surrealism later led him to develop his own style called "Curvism" or "Curvismo".  The curves, colors and textures of his art floated in my brain and led me back to the gallery a few days later to inquire about lessons.  Since then I have worked one-on-one with Ricardo delving deaper into color theory, composition, brush strokes, and learning how to use curvismo to allow my own style to emerge.  Most of all I have learned to open up as an artist liberating the creativity within, allowing it to flow without judgement.  This process has allowed me to learn at such an accelerated pace, and I have only just begun. 

The mozaic above depicts the creative stages of my first (unfinished) breakthrough piece in this, my newly developing style. The first image is of the sketch I used as the basis for this piece, and is one of several done by my late son-in-law Brandon.  My goal is to continue with this "embrace" theme to create a series of similar paintings.

As you see the painting unfold I hope you will get a sense of the creative process I experienced with this piece.  Additional images will be added to the mozaic as the painting progresses toward the final outcome.

I am excited to continue on this journey and look forward to the process without any expectation of any final destination. I am content to float on this gentle wave of transition as it shapes my art and soul. Thank you for your interest.

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