Monday, July 16, 2012

Spring and Summer Update with detail photo

Worked on blending the center line between the two panels and also added some color contast values in order to create more depth.  Still more contrast to add and need to work on fairy and the two main characters before fine tuning.

Details of lower right corner of right panel

When I am learning new things I am sometimes aware of the moment when the lesson solidifies in my brain.  There is a process of wrote memory, then practicing and nearly capturing a new task, but not smoothly or easily, and usually not quite getting it all right.  This has been the case for me in sports when repetition is so important.  And then there comes that time when suddenly (it seems) everything clicks and the mind and body are in sync and the actions occurs properly, sponstaneously, seemingly without so much effort as when learning was taking place.  I experienced one of those moments on Friday at Oro Fine Art Gallery.  I was working along for hours and sudenly everything just felt "right".  I paused for a minute and I could feel that synapses had fired, muscle cell memory had occured, and lessons definitively were learned.  This was a good feeling, and after discussing it with Ricardo (my instructor) I also learned that I should tuck this feeling of accomplishment away for that inevitable day when things don't feel quite right.  In those moments it's good to recall the feeling of being "in the zone".

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