Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fall Sketch Update

Here is the start of the Fall composition, which is still in development.  The concept is that as fall approaches the couple becomes energized.  They are swinging on a pine cone, with a blue spruce coming in from the top right, a large, orange harvest moon will appear partially behind the man at the top left, (here the moon is shown full and small, but will be enlarged and moved so it is rising behind him), and the lower right side of the panel will again be abstract, with the possibility of a hint of a flowing stream.  The colors of this panel will be consistent with autumn, and the composition, curves, lines and colors will carry forward the concept of the egg shape from the previous 2 panels, but now the couple has separated from one another a little, they have opened up and emerged from within the shape and are playful, active, rather than passive.  The flowing water at the bottom and the blue spruce will lead into the 4th and final panel, Winter.  As the panels progress I a acquiring new skills, and I am told by Ricardo that when all 4 panels are near completion I will likely go back and make slight corrections to the first panels. 

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