Sunday, March 15, 2015

11 Minutes After Midnight

11 Minutes After Midnight Oil on Canvas 16" X 40" SOLD

This piece was inspired by a drawing I did while in art school some years ago.  We were instructed to draw the inside of a room, and although I was at the time very much a realist, and into photorealistic art, somehow a drawing of these crazy, imagined characters came to mind. The idea was that during the night the instruments stored in a music room came to life and played the music on themselves without anyone ever knowing.

I decided to dig out the pencil drawing and paint from it. I made some changes, but maintained the integrity of the idea and some of the original characters.

Shortly before I started this painting I began seeing the number 11 more often than before when I look at my phone or anything with a digital readout. I researched the number and in chinese belief it signifies a balance between masculine and feminine, and is considered to be a good number. I don't know what the significance is for me, but it is still happening, usually a few times a day, and believe me I don't watch the clock. It's more like I pick up my phone to check email and it is 2:11, or 9:11, or 3:11, well you get it.

So I decided to put elevens into this piece. If you look long enough you'll find many elevens, and the time on the clock face of the accordian player is eleven after midnight. The music on the rug is a section of the score for the song, "After Midnight" written by J.J. Cale and recorded by Eric Clapton. The upright bass player was inspired by female cellist Esperanza Spalding. I play the ukulele so naturally had to include that instrument, and the others as well as the scene itself were meant to impart an island vibe.

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