Sunday, March 15, 2015


Wonder Oil on Canvas 18" X 24" $1200

I began formulating the idea for this painting several years ago at the local botanic garden, where spring means wind and cottonwood. At the threshold of the large grassy section a huge gust of wind blew past and cottonwood filled the landscape, turning the scene into what looked like a snow globe. I immediately grabbed the camera and began to shoot pictures. Later when I looked at the pictures I was surprised to see that I had also captured a little girl wearing a pink dress and hat standing in the middle of the grassy park, who was looking up at the cottonwood in wonder.

The subjects and composition of this piece developed on their own, presenting as they do with art. Most interesting was the raven in the foreground, which I photographed a few weeks prior to starting the painting, but years after the photo of the girl in the grass. I was waiting at a nearby park for my Mom to finish an appointment, and there was a large raven walking in the parking lot eating a cube of cheese and occasionally drinking from a rain puddle. I sat right next to it for some time, taking many pictures, which I later deleted. When painting this piece I decided I wanted to place a crow or raven on the rock so I went to my phone to find the pictures I'd taken, only to realize I'd deleted them, well, all except one. That is where this black bird originated.

The trees developed on their own, as did the idea that the girl is on her life path, having chosen her path. The raven holds out the invitation of love (the red heart locket), the tree bends to convey a right of passage filled with goodness, and the limb holds the promise of peace, while time spills out in front of her. At the same time, she carries a flower. The yellow daisy signifies innocence, purity and cheerfulness, and like a magic wand her daisy seems to be another source of the same sands of time falling from the hour glass in her future.

It is a statement about time and space, but also about free will versus determinism, and is the first of a new series of pieces with recurrent themes about life phases and experiences with forest scenes and a magical or mystical feel.

The original digital photograph is included below the painting.

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